DMK Permaculture

Permaculture Mandala Garden, Chicken Tractor Design

Header Photo Hi-Res

We really like our header photo, so I thought I’d post the full hi-res version, for anybody interested.
The Photo was taken looking out the window of our shed (Sept 2010), Michele working inside the garden enclosure as it was then. She was unaware the roos were watching her attentively, while casually grazing . . . after all, the human was contained in her little cage – they didn’t feel threatened!

There is a pod of several inquisitive female grey kangaroos in the foreground, they are all related, they are a family group. There is a family group of the smaller agile wallabies in the background, commonly called “Pretty Face Wallabies”

This area has been fenced now and that garden absorbed into the new mandala garden, however the roos still come in when it gets dry and they’re looking for green grass. We can’t pat them, don’t want to – they’re often dirty buggers, but we can get to within a metre or two, they’re quite used to us.

Full Header Photo

(Click on Photo for a closer look)

Harry, our old ginger cat passed away Dec 2014, but this photo was taken about 8 months before. He didn’t do a lot and got a fair bit of sleep in between doing nothing too! As the photo below shows . . . Harry in the foreground, was not bothered by this family visit of roos, with male, couple of females and joey’s. They gave a sniff in his direction but just went on grazing silently. In fact . . . we don’t think Harry even actually woke up for the visit!Harry & RoosThis photo taken in dry season when the roos come in close to get the green grass.

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