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Garden Development (Time Lapse)

The following images are the same view showing the development over the last few years from July 2012. Scroll to the bottom for the latest.

Clearing Stumps  –  early July 2012 (photo below)
Clearing Stumps

Fires Ready, see the previous garden in the foreground  –  July 2012 (photo below)

Garden View Jul 12 Late

Burn off & potash for the soil  –  August 2012 (photo below)

Our Blank Canvas  –  September 2012 (photo below)

Garden View Sept12

Pad for Garden Shed RHS. Steel on site.  –  October 2012 (photo below)

Garden View Oct 12

Concrete Slab for Garden Shed done & Fence Corner Posts concreted in place.  –  October 2012 (photo below)
Shed Frame is up, Wire Mesh Fencing Done. Corrugated iron will fill in the bottom of the fence and be buried down into a trench.  –  October 2012 (photo below)

Trenching done for substantial underground water reticulation covering the whole garden, deep enough to dig a fork in and not hit a pipe. Some 15 taps in all, one in the centre of each mandala, and throughout the garden area in convenient positions. The water is now connected and trenches being filled in.  –  November 2012 (photo below)

The shed is clad and the plumbing buried & water is on, no leaks!  –  November 2012 (photo below)

Shade Cloth & Solar Plastic done, Fence Iron buried on left fence.  –  December 2012 (photo below)9Shed Shade Cloth

Seedling Shed completed and operating, Chook Dome Tractor underway, Mandala layout begins.  –  March 2013 (photo below)

93Mandala Planning

Mandala One Planted & Growing, Chook Dome Indexing Around.  –  May 2013 (photo below)

Mandala One Underway

Mandala Two is underway, the Chook Dome is indexing around in the full figure of eight. The fence is now completed so no critters can get in.  –  July 2013 (photo below)

Mandala Two Underway

Mandala Three black-plastic to kill off weeds. Raised garden bed for sweet potato started up the back.  –  August 2013 (photo below)

Mandala 3 Blanked

The Chook Dome has done one complete figure of eight lap, six months since starting. Mandala Two up the back powering. Road around the outside of fence is completed.  –  October 2013 (photo below)

Garden View Oct 13

Two Chook Domes . . . we have 2 domes now, however as yet Mandala Three & Four are not started, so one Dome will be cruising casually around “off garden”, wet season is near  –  January 2014 (photo below)Garden view Jan 14Had plenty of rain from Cyclone Ita, so much mulching, mowing & controlling growth.  –  April 2014 (photo below)

Chookhouse breeding cages are under construction and just visible on other side of seedling shed. Two Mandalas with one dome moving in a figure of 8 is producing ample vegies for us plus some surplus.  –  July/August 2014 (photo below) 2 years of development at a part time pace.


Preparation on Mandalas 3 & 4 (LHS) is beginning – Sept 2014 (photo below)

Mandala 3 left foreground has been pegged out, Mandala 4 is being solarised, and the dome is already working Mandala 3 garden beds. Very hot & dry – end of Nov 2014 (photo below)
Garden View Nov 14

 Wet Season has arrived – Jan 2015 (photo below)

Garden View Jan 15

Very short wet season this year, now warm beautiful days. Expansion on the seedling shed completed, showing a doubling of the size of covered sun sheet and shade cloth areas. Also Mandalas 3 and 4 on the LHS are starting to form, with the dome circulating, & seedlings planted after it – April 2015 (photo below)

Garden View Apr15

 Getting cooler nights after a mizzerly few weeks. Mandala 4 (back LHS) is fully planted Mandala 3 (front LHS where dome on left is) is just finishing a wild crop of stunning pumpkins. – June 2015 (photo below)

Garden View Jun 15

Frost this morning, hoping it’ll be the last of the season, Mandala 3 and 4 both powering, generally very good crops from them for the first ‘dome’ lap around.  – August 2015 (photo below)

Garden View Aug 15

 This year we are having a cool wet October and the garden is looking lush, and the surrounding bush has returned to green. The garden is looking ship shape in readiness for the inaugural DMK Garden Gate Market Day. We literally set up our market stall at our garden gate, not farm gate, but garden gate!  – October 2015 (photo below)

Garden View 151013W

We’ve had a taste of wet season but need a lot more rain. Garden and surrounds all green, many seedlings being planted. – January 2016 (photo below)

Garden View Jan 16

Below is what we started with . . .

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2 thoughts on “Garden Development (Time Lapse)

  1. Lubbly-jubbly. Looks a bit like hard work. I’ll be off to IGA 😉 loved the sauce ! Happy new year.

  2. o.m.g holy crap just been a little busy im very impressed

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