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Seedlings Now Available

  Announcing that DMK Seedlings are now available at Ravenshoe Hardware.

Of course we will still have plenty at our weekend market stall as usual. Our seedlings are propagated in our own seedling shed, from varieties proven to be suited to our unique climate here at Ravenshoe, they are non GMO, grown without the use of chemicals, in true permaculture tradition. seedlings1A sample of healthy looking punnets with our DMK tag.

We offer a range of plants suited to our temperate tropical mountain climate at the right time of year. We know that the vegies we can grow here in winter do not necessarily grow in Mareeba, Cairns & the coast, and there are a number of seasonal conflicts, which makes it hard to source some seedlings. So give our local seedlings a try, look for the DMK tag.dmk

seedlings2Seedling propagation tables.

We are now doing the Wondecla market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

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We have a Stall at our Local Markets

Lately we have been marketeers, having become regular stallholders at our local markets for the last few months now. We are enjoying participating in our local community in this way, and it seems a two way thing with locals, and that’s gotta be good. We offer our excess produce and vegie seedlings for sale, along with timber work from our timber creations enterprise, and other knickknacks.

Our produce is utterly grown ‘clean’ and with the season changing rapidly the cooler climate vegies will be available very soon. We will have more on offer in the coming weeks.

Our seedlings are grown at home by us, they are climate ready. Not only that but as addicted seed savers, we know our seedlings are strong varieties that do well in our unique tablelands climate, and most importantly they are Non GM.

Currently three market locations:-

Innot Hot Springs on the 1st Saturday of the month, starting in March

Archers Creek on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Tumoulin on the 4th Sunday of the month.

DMK Innot Hot Market 09 15