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Wallaroo Paleface

Our resident Eastern Wallaroo. We call her ‘Paleface’.

A wallaroo is a bit like a kangaroo and a bit like a wallaby, and about half way between in size. Certainly cute and cuddly looking, she’s usually very timid.

Wallaroo Pale Face 4

Having several acres of natural bush, we have a number of critters who live and stay locally on our land or share the neighbour’s block. Sometimes the camera is handy when we interact. Many critters come seasonally, some move in and hang around for a few weeks and we never see them again. Some don’t leave and live locally with us all the time.

Our current favourite, ‘Pale Face’ the Wallaroo, has been living with us for 3 or 4 years now. She has had three joeys in three years that we know of, and her pouch is full again this year too.

Wallaroo Pale Face 2She is short and stocky, very strong on the bottom half, with short little arms, big nose, and small rounded teddy bear ears. Note the heavy pouch.
Wallaroo Pale Face 3

Her coat is thicker and fluffier than our local roos and wallabies.

Paleface Profile

Head close ups. (click head shots for closer look) Almost dog like snout.

Wallaroo Pale Face 5

Mum in front and the adolescent joey behind, note joey’s ears are more pointed.