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Banana Circles

Turning a disadvantage into an advantage. In the wet season we have a potentially boggy patch on our driveway. Banana Circles have been created alongside the driveway, and able to benefit from channeling excess run off away from the driveway into the circles. The two Banana Circles are side by side, one is slightly uphill from the other, so that when/if the first one floods, the water runs down into the second. Beginning with a backhoe digging out rough circles, heaping up soil around the perimeter. The circles were then more clearly formed by hand, and the rocks within used to support the outer edges. The raised perimeter beds are mulched and further formed into high and low sections. The higher for Pawpaws, and the lower for Bananas, mulch in the centre. Around the outside will be mulch crops, lemon grass, yacon, Egyptian spinach, lucerne etc.

Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald with buffering winds and torrential rain, sat stationery on us (the Cape) for four days (Jan2013), bringing a much needed 300mm (12″) of rain. This has demonstrated that our water control plan using the circles did indeed work. The water from the higher circle did flow into the lower circle, and did drain off the driveway effectively, meanwhile plants around the circle are powering.

NOTE: (Nov13) Unfortunately the neighbouring horses pushed the ordinary wire fence down and decimated one whole side of the plants. We will post pics when they are restored. 

The photos look at 3 different views of the two circles, and seven photos per view, covering one year.  Just click on the big photo below for a comparison slide show to start . . . .

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