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Lap Chicks

Here’s what happened when I went out and sat for a while, camera in hand in the dome with the new chicks in it, this morning. I read their actions like a comic strip, and as I had the camera I took snaps to show the story as it unfolded. My intention was to teach them to jump up on the newly fitted perch some how!

But it seemed my lap was more interesting. It was the little hen from the broody coop who was super inquisitive, she flew up to my lap 4 or 5 times, wanting even higher, all the while the female chick from the dome was getting more & more agitated, and just before I got up to leave, the dome female flew up and stayed a few seconds just to know what is was like!

Rather a nice experience interacting with the chicks at 8 weeks old, when they are at the cheeky stage and they’re getting zippy fast, and have made the great discovery of “wings” and “flying”.

Lap Chicken

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